DD008 Marlon Asher feat. Stef Kalloo ~ Beautiful Day Remixes

Marlon Asher the Ganja Farmer returns to Dubbhism Deluxe and this time he brings Stef Kalloo, the lovely, sexy singer and dancer from Port of Spain. Beautiful Day was originally a classic one drop tune, doing very well in Jamaica, getting lots of airplay. But Stef felt Beautiful Day could reach a wider audience, and so she contacted Dubbhism Deluxe. When we heard the tune, we sent for the specialists. 

Peter Speakah (NL) is both a multi-intrumentalist and dub producer, specializing in dancehall. He runs his own label Speakah Productions out of Bolsward, The Netherlands.

Vandera (NL, UK) is a mad scientist, also from the Netherlands but currently living in London. His polished and powerful productions are 1st class, his opus mixtapes are notorious. Some trivia: the first remix Vandera did for Dubbhism Deluxe was actually for the Inky Jack release (DD007) but it never got released, because when LTJ Bukem heard it he made us an offer we couldn't refuse.

Bleepolar (CO) is a 360 talented genius from Bogotá. He reworked Beautiful Day into an irresistible Cumbia thing with some Dancehall overtones in it. Bleepolar is also a graphic artist, and so he did the artwork for this release as well.

Tony Dubshot (NL) is the one responsible for the Dubbhism concept. His version of Beautiful Day has the slippery dub sounds that move in every direction.

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