About Dubbhism

Dubbhism is a small digital music label run by Tony Dubshot. We like reggae, dub, bass music and xenharmonic music. We also like vocalists with soul. We're based in Leiden, The Netherlands. 

Colleagues we collaborate with

Visual artists we collaborate with 

Vocalists we have worked with 
Marlon 'Ganja Farmer' Asher, Prince Jazzbo (RIP), Sarah Winton, I-lodica, MANJA, MK-Ultra, Inky Jack, Leah Rosier, Stef Kalloo and Daddy Lynx.

Also collabs with
Radikal Guru, The Lisbon Dub Collective, Liondub International, Vandera, Bleepolar, Egoless, Helgeland 8-bit Squad, Vuelo, Phattyman, Spring Reverb Museum, Negritage, Windseeds, Process Rebel, Jah Billah, The Positronics, DJ TLR.

Link up via dubbhism(?)gmail.com.  

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