[dubbhism 013] VA ~ Strictly Analog Dub


Dubbhism presents a compilation of 10 analog dub artists.

The Story 
When dub first started, all studio equipment was analog. That produced the classic sound of dub. Right now 'Strictly Analog Dub' brings back a part of that original vibe. Because raw & dutty analog sound is good for you, especially in these times of too much digital 3D photoshop perfection. Wait! We're not in this holy war, saying that analog studio equipment is better than digital. It's just that for dub music there can be some interesting advantages. 

Dub music is ~ among other things ~ about spontaneous sound creation, and also about pushing the equipment to it's limits or even beyond: abusing it. The problem with computers and digital dub gear is that you can't really abuse it. Digital boxes just freeze or give you a blue screen of death if you push really hard. Boring.. that's why analog and dub are such a good match. In these computerized times, it's only natural that certain musicians (in both acoustic and electronic styles) prefer to use adventurous, unpredictable music equipment like spring reverb units and tape echo machines, and not the domesticated digital derivation. It's not a retro thing, it's just vibes. Enjoy! 

The Tracklist 
01 Delmighty Sounds meets The Lisbon Dub Collective ~ Living Hard feat. Roberto Sánchez (3:52)
02 Rude Rich and the High Notes ~ African Love Dub (4:48)
03 Spring Reverb Museum ~ Shades (5:39)
04 The Positronics ~ Yeti Dub (9:52)
05 The Giants feat. Putus Roots ~ Jah Jah Come (3:58)
06 Negritage ~ Dub to Afrika (2:20)
07 Uus Energia ~ Dub Reorganizer (7:04)
08 The Bassbully ~ Liminal Dub (4:24)
09 Burnett Town Sound ~ Old House (3:17)
10 Tony Dubshot ~ Clint Eastwood Speaks His Mind (3:16)

all rights reserved, (c) held by all artists respectively, unless indicated otherwise 

The Cover 
All rights reserved, (c) Jana Voit 2012 Photographer: Jana Voit (portfolio) Model: Jasmin Noffke 

The Analog Artists 
01 ~ The Lisbon Dub Collective (PT) "The Lisbon Dub Collective is a collaborative musical project that focusses on experimental dub music. A mixture of musicians, sound engineers and producers usually gather around an old mixing console and mix (or dub) music live, a lot like it was done around the 70's. Although a digital audio workstation is still used as an editing tool, the methods of production are very 'hands on approach', with a focus on real-time handling as much analogue gear as possible, which means that all dubs turn out unique with unpredicted results. Expect the unexpected and the excitement of the analogue dub sounds." Some of the analog gear used: Tascam M-512 Mixing Console Vermona VSR3 Spring Reverb Carl Martin HeadRoom Spring Reverb Roland RE-201 Space Echo Fulltone Tube Tape Echo EH Memory Man ( 90´s version analogue delay) MXR Carbon Copy A/DA Flanger Moog MF-101 Low Pass Filter Mixed live at the Living Dub Room by Pedro Delmas, Tiago Jónatas and Gonçalo Coelho. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. 

02 ~ Rude Rich and the High Notes (NL) This track is on the forthcoming album Rude Rich & the High Notes - Tribute to the Greats dubbed by deRuige. Some of the analog gear used: D&R mixing desk D&R reverb Roland Space echo 201 Boss 100 reverb Akai MFC 42 phaser 

03 ~ Spring Reverb Museum (JP) Some of the analog gear used: Roland RE-201 Korg SE-300 Mam VSR-3 Mackie 1202 VLZ-3 

04 ~ The Positronics (PT) About Yeti Dub: "We recorded all in one take. We used the rs 7000 to play bass and drums, the sh-01 for noise/atmosphere, and a microkorg filtered with T-Resonator for vocoding and synthesis, also delay DE7. All mixed on MG124c." 

05 ~ The Giants feat. Putus Roots (CH/JM) Revelation Riddim by The Giants (Yves & David Ducrey). Vocal by Putus Roots. Recorded @ Duke Production and mastered by Mike Caplan @ Lion & Fox Studio Washington DC. 

06 ~ Negritage (AR) "This song was recorded in deh lavadero records dub temple guettho roots of dub only by deh inspiration of the almigthy jah we used a third world four track analogal mixer from de early eighties with no mark, painted ina silver way, one chanel for the drums (an old drum kit like deh jamaican way) one for the bass and one for the guitar and the key.. and an old turnable for the vocal sample that you know is the voice of the almaity profet peter tosh... used a basic delay and a reverb for the drums.. in this days dub wise means evrething for us like today... we live dubwise we dream dubwise... one love one dub dub destiny! negritage dubmaster & keyboards, the rootsman player on the drums, delay kid on the guitar & the bass" 

07 ~ Uus Energia (EE) Some of the analog gear used: Dynacord Echocord Mini Tape Delay Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo Tape Delay EMT-140 Plate Reverb AKG BX-20E Spring Reverb AMEK 2520 Mixing Desk DBX 164 Compressor STA-LEVEL Compressor (clone) Fairchild PM 670 Compressor (clone) 

08 ~ The Bassbully (UK) Some of the analog gear used: Roland Space Echo RE-150 Roland Chorus Echo RE-501 P7 Studiomaster Desk 

09 ~ Burnett Town Sound (CA) Some of the analog gear used: Allen & Heath 16:2 desk Spring reverb from a Peavy 601R Mixer Dbx 376 Tube Channel Strip Roland Space Echo RE-150 

10 ~ Tony Dubshot (NL) Some of the analog gear used: Solina String Ensemble Mu-Tron Bi-Phase Roland RE-201 Accutronics reverb tanks 

The Press 
"Dubbhism manage to harvest sounds that you hardly hear elsewhere and put them all in one meaningful release. It is maybe one of the most crucial dub releases in recent times." ~ Freegan Kolektiva 
"Regardless of the equipment in use, these are some really great tracks." ~ The Groove Thief 
"It’s great." ~ Dub.com 

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