DD005 Marlon Asher & Leah Rosier ~ Amsterdam


"Hottest dancehall/dub princess Leah Rosier has joined Marlon Asher for an anthem coming from the east side of Amsterdam. Some epic win remixes" ~ Tropical Bass 

"Schöne Single auf einem soliden Riddim. Die Remixe sind klingen durchdacht und schaffen es, ganz andere Facetten des Songs 'Amsterdam' zu zeigen." ~ Oleejah 

"Leah and Marlon Asher team up for the anthemic Amsterdam" ~ Reggaemani 

The 'making of' Amsterdam 
Last year Leah Rosier wrote a tune titled Make A Nice Mix on the classic Ganja Farmer riddim, which was a worldwide hit tune for Marlon Asher. She sent her version to Marlon to ask for his permission to use it in public. Marlon liked what he heard, and pretty soon they started collaborating on a brand new tune. When the tune was finished Leah contacted the Black Star Foundation agency to help her bring Marlon to Europe for a tour. The Dutch audience will be very pleased to know that in the Netherlands Marlon will be backed by The High Notes ~ defenders of original authentic Jamaican music!
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Amsterdam - the remixes 
Bleepolar demonstrates the art of electronic cumbia. Dangerously efficient and highly addictive, this mix accentuates the exquisite rhythmic qualities of Leah's vocals. There's more than a hint of staccato oldskool hiphop styles in her delivery. From Bogota to New York to Zagreb ~ and even Amsterdam ~ this funky rhythmic nastiness is gonna do a lot of damage. Absolute killer. 
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Egoless mixes his dubs with a finesse that's rarely heard. Whether oldskool or dubstep, analog or digital, computerized or live, the dub master from Zagreb always gives each and every track something special. More space, more life, more love, more dub, more music, less ego. Always in fine style. Dub for the future! 
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Only a handful of producers know the secret recipe for fusing roots reggae and dubstep. Right now Emch of Subatomic Sound System is the undisputed iron chef. His Amsterdam remix combines the weirdest kind of bass with unusual depth in the rhythm, taking you on a psychedelic rootical dubstep trip. Strong stuff.
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Tony Dubshot (of Dubbhism) flips the script of Amsterdam, turning what started as an irie conscious, rootical tune into a fire-and-brimstone-bashment kinda ting. The soulfulness of Mr. Asher's voice is revealed to the fullest and Leah sounds much tougher than she has the right to. Old Testament style ~ free download. 
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