DD007 Inky Jack ~ Under the Ground

Inky Jack - Under The Ground 400

"Inky Jack's Under the Ground is a classic NYC multiple-personality underground tune, building on the strains of bands and artists rooted here: Bad Brains, Urban Blight, Mad Lion, the Ruff Entry crew ~ 311 wishes they could put together dancehall, electronics, hooks and riffs as well as this..." Dave Sharma (Sub Swara/Escort/Falu...)

Out now on Dubbhism Deluxe Inky Jack's massive soul rocker Under the Ground featuring 5 groundbreaking remixes by SorokaProcess RebelPeter SpeakahHelgeland 8-bit Squad and Tony Dubshot. Free bonus redubb included.

Inky Jack performing Process Rebel's remix of Under the Ground live (remix kicks in at 2:00) 

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