DD009 Helgeland 8-bit Squad ft. Sarah Winton & I-lodica ~ Swimming Bird

helgeland 8-bit squad ft. sarah winton & i-lodica - swimming bird 400

Soul, more soul, 8-bit soul... Helgeland 8-bit Squad return to Dubbhism Deluxe, with an original release this time, and they bring UK Soul Queen Sarah Winton (Nightmares on Wax) and Dubbhism veteran I-lodica to nice things up. An epic piece of work, Swimming Bird is as good as it gets if you're into 8-bit Northern Soul. Remixes by the enigmatic Phattyman from The Hague (NL) and Tony Dubshot. 

The artists
Sarah Winton is one of the most versatile singers you'll ever hear. She can do classic, jazz, hiphop etc. etc. But most of all she has SOUL!! Check out some of her stuff over here

Helgeland 8-bit Squad are true 8-bit revolutionaries. A year ago we released their innovative remix of Inky Jack's 'Under the Ground'. Later this year they will contribute to the forthcoming Prince Jazzbo release on Dubbhism Deluxe. Mathias Østrem also did the cover art.

I-lodica is the melodica master from Brighton (UK) and a Dubbhism veteran. Check out his EP Separation = Illusion.

Phattyman released his first EP on Dubbhism about 4 months ago, and now he's back with some mind-altering and uplifting PhattySoul.

Tony Dubshot is Mr. Dubbhism. His remix of Swimming Bird is minimal, dark and dubby (the usual..).

The atmospheric video was produced by the ever-serendipitous White Elephant Films.

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